Friday, 3 April 2009

Anybody else.....

completely and utterly pumped and ready to go! Less than a week until departure and I CANNOT wait. I still have a s*it load to get organised and loads of stuff to buy but I simply don't care. I am trying very hard to contain my enthusiasm but it doesn't seem to be doing to plan as I bore pretty much anybody I meet about the fact I am going to Nepal to attempt a World Record next week! Awesome, simply awesome.

I have also been getting a little philosophical recently but since that is even boring me....I may leave that for another time.

Monday, 30 March 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good:

What a couple of months! So much has happened I don't know where to begin. Really I don't....As such I am going to start with the most recent - last Saturday saw all the members of The Everest Test congregate at the Home of Cricket, Lords. For once this wasn't for a party but nonetheless a very important and entertaining day. A lot of admin and medical talks (I will come on to that later) but the best announcement of the day was that we have secured a Title Sponsor for the expedition - Nokia! When I say "we", I mean the massive efforts that the likes of Kirt has put into nailing this deal. A huge shout out must go to those involved in achievement. Joe Williams has also managed to get Bulldog Grooming on board and Vicks announced there will be Champagne on the Mountain as provided by Mumm.

We also managed to get some cricket nets in and despite a niggling back injury, I was feeling pretty confident - I just hope I can carry this confidence and form up to 5,200m!

We have also had two major events in the past month. First a stand up evening at the Comedy Store where Chris Martin managed to secure some big names to entertain a sell out crowed and secondly, High on Everest, our send off party at 24:London in the West End. Both nights were epic and managed to raise loads of dosh for our charities so a big thank you to all those involved in organising (too many to mention).

The Bad:

It is with great regret that we had the bad news last weekend that Charlie BN is no longer able to join the expedition. I won't dwell on this but needless to say Charlie has committed a huge about of effort into this adventure and been influential in all that has been good, whether is was organising a simple night out or being fundamental in getting Surrey CCC's support and helping organising the various fund raising events. This is not only a loss to the expedition, but on a person note, Charlie is a great mate and I will definitely miss him on the Mountain. I would say I will hit a six for him but since his was in Team Hillary, I don't think he would be too impressed.

The Ugly:

This could be anything from Toovey's dancing at the Send Off Party (although very impressive not to spill a single drop of beer whilst busting those moves) to my really average, 'slightly' drunken rant with (at) Neil Laughton. However, these were beaten by the images displayed by the medical team on Saturday. Whilst I am aware of the various nasties that can present themselves when travelling abroad, in all honesty, nobody wants to see the reality! I for one, will likely be more hygienic in Nepal than I have ever been before - worms are simply not an option!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Fantasy Farm Fitness Challenge

On a cold Friday evening 25 of the team headed to Hertfordshire for what promised to be a gruelling couple of days training. I was joined in my car by Blinky and Tooves. Tooves was uncharacteristically quiet during our 3 hour journey. I am not sure whether was due to my driving or just his apprehension of the weekend, either way, it was disconcerting.

Kinsey had laid on a feast for us by the time we arrived at his farm, so it was good to get some fuel on board before settling down for the night in the village hall. The floor didn't look too accommodating so I was glad to have borrowed my sisters blow up bed which meant for a good nights sleep. This was until the fog came in and as such the fog horn was being blown every 5 seconds or so. This was a strange occurrence considering we were nowhere near the coast but I think we have Joe Williams to thank for that.....

An early start on Saturday before sun rise was a shock to most of us but nothing compared to what was to come. After breakfast the day started with a 'gentle' jog to view the 5 mile finisher at the end of the day. Remembering the course was to prove a slight problem for me later on but the morning jog was a good warm up for the Bleep Test. For those who don't know what this is, you are the lucky ones! The team made a great effort with BJ taking the spoils of the first event and several people beating their personal bests. I however, did not, so was a little disappointed considering the work we have been putting in to get fit. From here the day panned out into various events including the cave man hurling, tyre rolling and 'Rome wasn't built in a Day' - basically moving tonnes of boulders onto pallets (really cheap labour Kinsey - top work). All these events were pretty irrelevant (partly since I didn't win any of them) until it came to the tug or war. As part of Team Alpha, we hadn't performed to our true potential during the day so it was time to man up! In a perfect display of team work and controlled agression we were victorious. That said, a special mention much go to Hillsy for his mamoth effort (see picture) but with poor traction, he didn't stand a chance.

A quick inhalation of chocolate and energy drinks (cheers Met-rx) we prepared of the final (physical) event of the day - the 5 Mile Finisher. I can sum this up pretty quickly - PAIN! The rolling hills and muddy conditions made the going tough, although the front runners seem to make it look annoyingly easy. I was pretty disappointed with my efforts for the second time in the day however did manage to get lost so as a mental note for everybody else on the team, probably not a good idea to follow me whilst on Mt Everest.

With the days activities over, we could turn our attention onto the local ale and a well deserved feed. Another victory in the pub quiz by Team Alpha (no thanks to me) restored a little honour but ultimately it was a great opportunity to have a few beers and top off an absolutely quality day. Top marks to Kinsey for organising and a big thank you to his parents for allowing us to take over the farm for the day.

On the journey back to London the following day, our attention turned to Tuesday Press Launch and the prospect of playing cricket on Trafalgar Square, that's right, Trafalgar Sqaure!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Best Day So Far

Last Saturday was a big day for me in the progress of the Everest Test. We started with a good training session on Battersea Park doing the normal Trim Trail. Appropriately tired, our minds then focused on finally getting down to playing some cricket - this is after all what we are planning on doing on Mt Everest. We headed to the home of cricket (Lords for the uneducated) for a 2 hour net session during the afternoon.

There was a good turn out with plenty of banter to get people motivated. Kiwi was quick to take control and asked several of us to get padded up, me included. Not really knowing the standard of the bowling I thought it safe to don the helmet. It was definitely needed with some very tight and aggressive bowling from Mark Waters (Happy Birthday by the way) which resulted in me 'edging' at least three deliveries. I like to think I placed them appropriately for the Twenty20 format of the game but in honestly I was truly beaten on several occasions. G-Man also had his say and peppered me with a few aggressive in swingers, so it was good to see there is going to be a competitive and feisty competition on the Mountain (I might add, both these players are on the same team as me - cheers fella's).

With nets over and my medium pace long hops being dispensed to all parts of Lords we where joined by some of the Trektaors for our first meeting of the year. This took place in the Lords museum so it took a while before order was restored and our minds were once again focused on the Everest Test (Thank you to Lords for letting us use their facilities).

Kirt and Wes got proceedings under way with the usual heckling from the crowd (good work Tooves) and introduced us to our PR agency, Creative Minds. Whilst we have been able to promote ourselves relatively well, Creative Minds have certainly taken it to another level. not only is our exposure due to increase within the national media but we have also received backing from none other than Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook, each becoming a honorary captain of the two teams. It was great to hear a message from them both on Saturday and is a real motivator to come back victorious from Nepal.

We also had a run down on how Kirt and Curry got on over the Christmas period in Nepal and they had certainly put a great deal of effort in during their holiday's so thank you both (hope you have now recovered - take a look at the blog for a little more detail....). Other than the usual medical precautions you take on board when doing an adventure like this, we where also informed we better take a test for 'Sudden Death Syndrome'. I think the clue is in the title and it makes you think that if it is so sudden, how do you test for it but I will no doubt find out soon.

There was a great atmosphere at the end of the meeting, which resulted in a few of us heading to the local pub for a few well earned beers and a feed to top off a great day. I am truly pumped and looking forward to what we have in store this weekend at Kensey's Fantasy Farm Fitness Challenge.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

It has been too long!

It has been far too long since I updated my blog, so apologies to Curry ( for that. There has been a lot going on over the past couple of months including our first official charity event in the form of Sagarmatha at the Collection on Old Brompton Road. Organised by the Trektators, the evening was a great success, enjoyed by all and made a good start to our fundraising efforts.

On the training side we have been hard at work with circuit training twice a week in amongst several runs and cycle rides. As part of a team building exercise, Team Tenzing ventured north to Ben Nevis to start the Three Peaks Challenge back in October. Whilst we were all very excited and confident in achieving this challenge, we slightly under estimated the weather conditions during the time of year. This was the weekend when hundreds of people were lost on Scafell Pike and I can honestly say I have never experience wind and rain like it in the UK.

Unfortunately we never made it to the top of Ben Nevis but had a valiant effort with over 4 hours of trekking through pitch black in atrocious conditions before safety came first and we turned around. A wise decision I think considering a few of us where almost blown off the mountain on several occasions and we were all very cold and wet through. On our return our driver was somewhat surprised to see us in one piece. This was partly since he had never seen a group of people set of in the conditions (thanks for the warning) and moreover, the fact that the bus nearly blow over in the night so he assumed we had taken shelter on the mountain somewhere.

Alas, the challenge was over since it was not possibly to even drive to the base of Scafell Pike let alone climb it. Amazingly spirits were still high despite the prospect for a very uncomfortable journey back to London. the moral amongst the team should stand us in good stead for the future. That and a few beers also helped....

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

I am suffering!

It has been a while since my last blog so apologies for that. Plenty has been going on since so this may turn into a little bit of a rant....

Firstly, the website for the Everest Test is now up and running! A lot of effort has gone into designing and producing the site and it has has certainly all be worth while since it looks awesome! I would like to take some credit for it but alas it really has been nothing to do with me and a big thank you must go out to Wes. Check it out -

The launch of the website was announced at our last meeting, as where the captains and vice captains to lead Team Tenzing and Team Hillary. I am very happy to say that Haydn Main has earned the captaincy of Team Tenzing, ably supported by the G-man (Gareth Lewis) as Vice Captain. With these two at the helm, the only way is up (excuse the pun) and onto victory.

In order to mark the occasion (and the end of the cricket season), we played our first competitive game of cricket against each another in the afternoon. The cricketing Gods where looking down on us and produced some of the best weather of the year, and obviously ideal cricket conditions.

Having won the toss, Haydn put the Hillary boys into bat on a slightly worn wicket. We (Team Tenzing) got off to a flying start with some tight bowling and enthusiasm in the field. So much so, I found myself having to run in from the boundary to celebrate wickets on such a regular basis I felt my fitness training for the weekend could take a back seat. Team Hillary were soon all out and taking the long walk back to the pavilion. With a rather small target to aim for, Team Tenzing knocked them off without too much of a struggle and were victorious by 10 wickets. Needless to say there where a few celebrations in the evening.Whilst this was a crushing defeat for Team Hillary, they were a few players short of their first team and as such Team Tenzing will be training hard over the winter to maintain the high standards that have already been on display.

Inspired by Cuzza's completion of the Berlin Marathon a couple of weeks ago, I felt it was about time to up my fitness regime. This involved meeting up with a few of the lads (more Hillary than Tenzing) on Saturday morning for a 'little' fitness session on Battersea Park. The Sharland brothers clearly took amusement in leading the session and I soon felt myself suffering in all parts of my body and about to cough up a lung. I am still recovering from all the pull ups and sit ups but I will be back for the next session for further humiliation.

Fortunately the next session has been postponed since there is a more important event happening tomorrow evening in the from of Sagarmatha. The Trektators have organised what promises to be an outstanding night at The Collection, Brompton Road ( There are still a few tickets available so please visit: http://www.wegottickets.xn--comasearch-fka and search for Sagarmatha to sign up and avoid disappointment!

Hopefully see as many of you tomorrow night as possible but I will be back with an update next week. Off walking in the Yorkshire Dales this weekend for a little more training. Just hoping my legs start working again before then....

Friday, 5 September 2008

Having bought my first pair of running shoes for over 5 years this week I feel that I am now prepared for the task ahead on Sunday morning, when a select few (of the both Team Hillary and Team Tenzing) will be competing in a 'fun' run in Chiswick. It may only be 10k but as one of the members in the Hillary Team has pointed out on his blog, I can't see where the fun is. That said, there is a BBQ and beers afterwards so I may well be mistaken.

I am currently suffering from an injured back and as such my training has suffered a little....Having had physio twice this week i can say it far from relaxing and included acupuncture which might only be small needles, it feels like you may have pi**ed off a bull whilst running in Pamplona. Still, it seems to be doing the trick so I am feeling confident if a little apprehensive about Sunday morning.

The good news is the first warm up 20Twenty match has been arranged for the 27th September and weather permitting it will provide us with a good insight to the level of cricket we will be facing, whilst at the same time enjoying a few beers and getting to know one another a little better. There can only be one result and that is obviously a victory for Team Tenzing!